The maturity of Cloud computing and the increasing adoption of the Cloud are testimonials to its efficacy. Yet, there is a need to make a business case for the Cloud.  Benefits of the Cloud extend beyond mere returns on investment (ROI). There are visible and invisible benefits that must be exposed to the scrutiny of the skeptical and the fearful.

Make your business case for the Cloud by selecting the right flavor of the Cloud with the right vendor.  Public Clouds are generally recommended for non-business critical applications and private Clouds for mission critical data. Hybrid Clouds may help organizations get the best that is possible by mixing and matching Cloud options to the business requirements.  Check if the Cloud vendor has the right strategic vision for the enterprise Cloud and begin your journey with them. Of course, price, cost and technical know-how matter. Get the necessary inputs before you sign on the dotted line.

Remember, the impact of the Cloud is felt in three areas:

  • IT innovation
  • Application delivery, and
  • User experience

The Cloud makes innovation possible. It introduces a layer of abstraction between the end user and the underlying resource and takes away the burden of managing hardware / software resources from the enterprise.  Managers are free to innovate with IT deployments and focus their attention on what they do best—their business. Work with your Cloud vendor on a trial basis and check out whether the Cloud is facilitating innovation in your organization.

Application development and delivery is simplified. Enterprise IT administrators and developers no longer have to spend large amounts of time and energy developing, tweaking and managing the delivery of applications. Application development and delivery can be abstracted to SaaS providers who develop generic applications and are willing to customize the same to the needs of specific customers at a small cost. Barriers to new application development are lower. Test the waters, before you take the plunge.

User satisfaction is closely linked with user experience and SaaS vendors are committed to improving end user experience. Increased / even mobile access to enterprise applications over the Internet improves employee efficiency and extends the reach of the enterprise leading to overall employee satisfaction with IT provisioning. Make sure productivity gains are guaranteed.

Not sure if the Cloud is for you? Securstore will be happy to sit down with you and explain the Cloud ROI and how you can benefit from the Cloud. Please Contact us when you get a moment.