Traditional marketing mores no longer suffice. Technology is challenging marketing and cloud driven marketing channels are proliferating. Branding and positioning is being revolutionalized, while increasing cloud enabled mobility of sales teams are finding new ways of widening and deepening the customer base.  Anywhere, anytime sales, is hailed as the way to go!

Cloud based marketing strategies demand the deployment of application packed web portals that can satisfy the varying needs of customers across the globe.  There is an urgent need to build robust data repositories that is continuously updated with information; agile, scalable and elastic enough to cater to the growing demands of the customers riding the cloud. Additionally, the resources utilized must be affordable with pay as you go options.

Cloud based backup service providers see immense potential in this market and are making an all out effort to ensure that their customers become aware of the potential benefits that can be derived from their cloud-computing offers. Cloud technology enabling companies like Asigra and Novastor, reach out to their customers in a variety of ways and focus their attention on educating their dealers on the features of their product, so that they can in turn reach out to their customers and help them appreciate what they get when they sign up for the service.

Enterprises that have migrated to the cloud are now enjoying the paybacks of their choice.  A common data repository stored in the cloud can now be used to provide data views to customers using a web interface. Mobile workers, can access data from anywhere, anytime and attend to the needs of their customers within minutes of receiving a request for service.  Sales men can now convert leads into sales on the fly by getting to the customer online or offline as soon as an expression of interest is received.

In short, marketing is no longer about planning advertisement campaigns and waiting for customers to queue up in response to the advertisement. It is about providing your customers with the right information at the right time at their desktop, mobile, laptop or iphone. It is about reaching out to the customer wherever they are; whatever the time and giving them the right inputs at the click of a button. Unanchored cloud based computing has changed the way marketing in done. It is time you rethink your marketing strategies for 2011 and integrate cloud based marketing as part of your overall marketing budget.