The cloud now has attractive offerings for mobile workforce management in both public and private clouds.  The workforce management solutions provide critical support to the business strategies and hold out promises of being an effective alternative to on-premise deployment of business applications.

At the core of this development is the awareness that the mobile workforce is growing and increasing globalization has made it imperative that companies find effective business solutions. Companies operating remote workforces must have the capability of monitoring and controlling the workforce on the one hand and strategically managing the new markets that are opening up. Mobile workforce management solutions that can be deployed on hand held devices over the cloud are consequently attractive. Companies that have adopted the service have seen a rise in customer satisfaction levels, time to market compressions, and year to year resolution time improvements.

Cloud solutions for workforce management include downloads for Google Android tablets, smartphones and what not. The applications provide a range of basic functionalities or sophisticated management interfaces. Enterprise resource management (ERP), Customer relationship Management (CRM), and many kinds of data analytics tools are available for mobile devices.

Companies can test the implementations before adoption and roll out of full implementations with very little up front investments. Capital expenditures can be reduced and maintenance complexities can be mitigated with increased strategic flexibility that comes with mobility.

Workforce management tools in the cloud allow companies to offload IT considerations and adopt mobile workforce applications without on-boarding administrative headaches of on premise applications.  Further, the company is freed from the need to install and maintain multiple instances of an application. The cloud vendor provides application services from a centralized server.

Mobile cloud services further, guarantee minimization of downtime. Replication servers, disaster recovery servers and failover clusters are used to ensure high availability of services and data. The switch over on failure is hardly detectible and business continuity is ensured at all times.

Companies planning global expansion or mobile reach will find the cloud financially and strategically attractive. The solution readiness of the cloud and the customization options that are currently available make it ideal for companies that are looking to tailor the cloud based solution to their specific needs.