We are inhabitants of a highly connected world. Everyone wants instantaneous response and unmatched efficiency in service delivery. If your organization is not up to the speed, you will soon find yourself losing your business to the competition. The solution—become a netizen; get connected at all levels to your employees, your suppliers, your customers and to everyone who has a stake in your business.

Cloud technologies deliver business improvements with just this scenario in mind.

The first step in the direction is to move all your data to cloud backup. Collect, collate and consolidate your business information from all your different sources and build up a unified data repository that can be centrally managed and effectively deployed. Take advantage of the agility, scalability and high availability of the cloud to provide efficient, innovative, competitive and mobile services to your employees, suppliers and customers wherever they are located. Your employees can experience the power of being connected by just using the Internet and connecting up with your cloud backup database. Your suppliers can communicate with your instantly and securely over your private cloud.

Forget your worries about uptime, business continuity and disaster recovery. Cloud backup and recovery services make business continuity and disaster recovery almost automatic. Data from the primary server (the seeded cloud backup) is replicated and mirrored several times to one or more geographically dispersed servers. Failover servers and disaster recovery servers instantly and automatically kick in and seamlessly service the customer without even a blip of the disaster registering on their radar. Uptime guarantee is 99.9% and bare metal recovery is wholly possible to any kind of hardware, anywhere in the world over the Internet.

Secure file sharing, content management and e-discovery are integral to cloud backup and recovery services. Contents of files and folders are encrypted with Enterprise grade cryptographic algorithms and role based authentication can be instituted using enterprise wide policy driven cloud backup configurations. The authenticated and authorized stakeholders of your organization can step into a boundary-less universe and collaborate on projects, files and folders without having to install a specific type of software to open the file on their workstation or mobile device.  They can work on a single version of the file or different versions of the file and keep track of the changes effected to the versions.

So, do not hesitate to get connected. Your competition is already riding the cloud.