Asigra entered into a partnership with Securstore in 2004. The aim was to enhance customer experience by pooling together the unique expertise acquired by the companies individually. The partnership, spanning almost a decade, promises to deliver a secure Cloud backup and recovery environment for customer data on their servers.

Securstore and Asigra share marketing insights at the Asigra European Partner Advisory Council and work together to develop an enterprise level solution for their customers.

As a Cloud backup company, Securstore has systematically addressed data security and associated risks and mitigation and as a result, it has been awarded an ISO 27001 accreditation for global compliance and regulatory adherence. Securstore, as 3D Hybrid Asigra Partner, automatically streamlines its processes and procedures to meet the demands of the accreditation and recognition and make the partnership meaningful.

The Securstore-Asigra partnership, consequently, confers a number of benefits to the end customers.  The customer does not have to invest in the acquisition of any kind of capital assets. The existing hardware can be realigned and redeployed to work smoothly and efficiently with Asigra / Securstore Cloud backup software. This results in a lower total cost of ownership.

For organizations that have strict Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), the partnership is a boon.  There is a definite increase in speed of recovery and reliability of service. Data can be restored to same or similar hardware from anywhere and anytime.

Data managers can relax with the confidence that the enterprise data is secure in the Cloud backup. The partnership uses AES 256 FIPS 140-2 certified encryption protocol to encrypt data at source for transmission over the Internet to the remote Cloud backup server. The data remains in an encrypted format in flight and at rest, providing an impregnable layer of data security to customers. Since the encryption key is user defined, the encryption protocol is additionally protected from unauthorized access.

The Asigra-Securstore Partnership enforces the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) principle for the Cloud backup process.  The application supports a broad range of platforms.  The interface is centralized and user friendly. A number of wizards are incorporated to guide the naïve user through the installation and backup and recovery management processes.

The Asigra powered software that Securstore uses automatically discovers all servers, laptops, desktops and other computing devices that are connected to the network for initial data seeding and subsequent analysis for data de-duplication, incremental backup and effective compression and encryption.  Data is replicated on to another server for failover recovery or disaster recovery as part of the partnership’s ongoing data protection policy.