Organizations are beginning to realize that traditional ways of ensuring compliance no longer suffice.  Retrofitting a traditional compliance system (which is generally separate from the transaction system) can be very time and resource intensive and IT can be hit hard by compliance requirements. An integrated, purpose-built cloud backup and recovery based compliance solution results in lower costs and almost no infrastructure investments. While administrators are entrusted with the task of learning and managing the compliance tools, employees are free to work with the transaction processing and business management tasks they hired to do.

Cloud backup and Recovery driven, planned compliance solutions integrate current and future compliance needs with the transaction processing system. In fact, compliance is an offshoot of transaction processing as the cloud backup software focuses on potential compliance needs and builds in any software settings that may be required for ensuring compliance. The integrated cloud backup and recovery system offers centralized monitoring and reporting with real-time automated, graphical user interface driven compliance management.  The required audit tools slide into place at the start of the cloud backup application and a number of ready to use compliance monitoring tools are made available the instant data is generated and pushed into the pipe for transmission to the remote cloud backup server.

At the core of the compliance management system is the user management system which ensures that only the right people get to access the data stored in the cloud backup.  Each user is defined at length and identified to the system using a set of login parameters. This implements the “password length” compliance protocol so that even mobile workers logging in from remote locations can be identified and authenticated by the system before being provided access to enterprise information.

Cloud backup and recovery applications collect, store and report on data from multi-platform workstations, servers, systems and provides the information required for compliance audits in user friendly formats. Security assessments and post migration analysis and report generation help organizations quickly resolve legally contentious issues and make tactical or strategic decisions on compliance violations. Audit alerts and system alerts can be set up with ease and remediation of violations to security policies can be instantly tracked and corrected.

Additional benefits accruing from the centralized implementation of planned compliance and deployment of necessary audit tools include simplicity of management; shorter timeframe for management; lower resource consumption and reduced legal liabilities.  In short, the automated cloud backup system provides the administrator with a consolidated view of the entire compliance status.