Cloud computing is opening up whole new opportunities for small and medium enterprises. Service providers are offering potentially improved services that are scalable, highly available, and affordable solutions at nominal monthly fees. The speed time-to-solution is minimal. This is nothing short of revolutionary as potentially improved cloud services on offer have changed the way businesses operate.

Cloud services have a profound impact on the IT infrastructure and bring with it capability, agility and flexibility. Scaling up of resources is simple and capacity inefficiencies are lowered even as costs plummet. The pay-as-you-go model and accelerated time-to-benefit make for cheaper and shorter project costs and durations with improved results. A number of tax and accounting benefits and legal compliance possibilities are thrown in.

Dedicated storage environments are rapidly being replaced by multi-tenancy storage environments with partitioning and provisioning schemes at multiple layers. Business storage support systems are being deployed in both public and private cloud management and network is making remote enablement of critical business processes viable. The storage hardware layer is being abstracted from the consumer and the utility model is gaining precedence. Improving hardware technologies are boosting bandwidth, performance and scalability of network storage.

Free market principles are forcing fringe storage products out of the market and strengthening high value products. Capability clouds with packaged business relevant storage applications are becoming popular. Maintenance and management are harnessing mature operation support systems and cloud topology, segmentation; or traffic can be configured and managed at desirable levels. Businesses can now exit non-core activities and focus attention on what they do best—their business!

Adoption of cloud services will be shaped by continual iteration of rapidly evolving cloud-computing services. It will expand into areas where infrastructure is still not available for business applications. There will be a complex interplay of technologies and elements as customers clamor for unmet business needs and cloud service providers strive to embrace new technologies to meet emerging demands of their customers.