Global competition, shrinking profit margins, changing employee expectations and dynamically changing customer preferences and technologies, exponential information generation and stricter legal compliance requirements—these are some of the environmental dimensions of modern day business. Businesses are being driven to adopt systems and technologies that make them agile, structurally organic and dynamically adaptive. Predictive analysis is gaining importance and is contributing hugely to improving the bottom line. The growth of the cloud and cloud backup systems is adding a new dimension to the way the tool can be used.

Predictive analysis is a process of identifying patterns in data with the help of computerized tools. The patterns are then used for creating predictive models and improving decision making efforts. The patterns identified may be transactional patterns, demographic patterns, and web based, historical or economic patterns in structured and unstructured data that may be meticulously gathered from a variety of sources or automatically gathered into cloud backup databases through online customer interaction. The consequent prediction has a high level of accuracy for the business.

If you pause to consider the impact of the cloud and cloud backup and recovery systems, you will instantly realize that the cloud is the biggest pattern shifter of the last two decades. Cloud backup and associated applications have contributed hugely in strengthening the customer. It is a customer’s market out there. Customers are rapidly and inexorably beginning to exercise this power by directly interacting with the business through the web portal or influencing decisions through social media networks. Businesses are forced to track their customers and their reactions and accordingly build into their database a number of customer analysis dimensions, resulting in the emergence of what is termed as “big data”. The survival of the organization has come to depend upon the use of predictive analysis for cloud based databases and backups from a variety of sources!

Cloud backup service providers anxiously follow these trends and are empowering their customers with the appropriate tools for “big data” generation for their cloud backups and for making “predictive analysis” of the information that has been painstakingly gathered by the enterprise from multiple sources.

The future of cloud backup and online database technology will include sophisticated predictive analysis tools for responding to business needs of attracting new customers, retaining old customers, studying risk patterns and so on.

The sky is the limit, even for small and medium enterprises, when the database is online and tools are available as part of a package!