Email has become the simplest, easiest and the most standard mode of business communication today.  The numbers of email exchanges are growing by the day and organizations are increasingly concerned that much of the business information is locked up in these email exchanges.  How does one keep track of these exchanges? How does one backup, store and retrieve the email exchanges? What kind of archival policy must be adopted for email archives? What kind of compliance rules apply to these archives?

Cloud based email backup and archiving tools enable organizations store, monitor and collect electronic data that is exchanged by users over email.  The cloud backup provides long term preservation of messages with advanced search engines and collaboration tools that help businesses manage electronic content such as instant messaging, web based emails, calendars, contacts, files and other documents.

Cloud based email archiving and backup solutions require no large upfront investments.  All investments in infrastructure and software is made by the cloud backup and recovery company and users need have not CAPEX outlays—only wholly predictable OPEX outlays for the pay as you go service. Moreover, since there are no hardware/ software compatibility issues to handle, the numbers of onsite staff can be reduced to an optimal minimum.  Further infrastructure can be scaled up on demand.

The icing on the cake is that security is never compromised and a layered security system slides into place immediately on subscribing to the cloud backup, recovery and archival solution. Uptime of 99.9% is guaranteed.

Large and small organizations—irrespective of their size–can avail of benefits accruing with cloud based email backup and archiving services. The software centralized email backup, recovery and archival services and permits enterprise specific policy driven configurations. These policies can be instantly and effectively implemented from a central management console across geographic regions over unlimited number of archives.  Solution upgrades can be applied at one location and instantly updated across the board.

Cloud based email backup, recovery and archival systems make compliance with legal mandates simpler. Authenticity of records can be easily proved. A number of complementary tools such as Litigation Readiness services (e-discovery, legal holds and tamper proof exports), data loss prevention, and continuity tools are made available by the service provider at no additional cost.

If you are concerned about email, backup, recovery and archival, you should evaluate the cloud backup systems.