There are no doubts that big data is beneficial to all kinds of organizations—small, medium or large. Analysis of big data contributes to improved decision making, better operational efficiency, improved data quality, improved customer intelligence, ability to identify opportunities and trends, greater business insight, innovative customer management, faster query analysis and a host of other benefits. If you are worried about Return on Investment (ROI) and availability of skill sets for data management, use the Cloud to kick start your romance with big data.

Let us begin by identifying the challenges associated with big data:

Big data is derived from a variety of sources. Big data enters the organization from multiple sources such as email communications, transactional data and ecommerce, structured / unstructured documents, web logs and databases, call data records, video / audio etc. A close look at the diversity of sources and the types of data that flow into the repository hints at the kinds of challenges that will have to be faced by organizations handling big data.

Large volumes of big data may have to be retained for a variety of purposes. They may be retained for compliance with legal mandates. They may be retained with the vague hope that someday the organization will be able to analyze the data and mine a wealth of information that can be used to enhance the business.

Finally, big data management is very expensive.

Scalable, platform independent, cost effective Cloud solutions with centralized management interfaces and skilled manpower is one answer to the problem of big data. The Cloud uses scalable databases, integration tools and data analysis applications to cost effectively reduce outlay on infrastructure. Some Cloud solutions even break the vendor lock-in of proprietary ETL (Extract Transfer Load) engines and obviate the need for expensive software. Senior executives romancing with Cloud-based big data solutions can hit the ground running and realize the business benefits of big data instantly. Uncertain and fuzzy ROI will cease to be a problem. Organizations can effectively leverage all their digital assets.  The flexible Cloud architecture is future ready. Data quality, data integration and data management is automatic. A set of easy to implement tools and support systems can be used to maximize and extend the skills of existing internal teams.

What are you waiting for? Begin your romance with big data in the Cloud. Take advantage of the predictable, scalable, and value based subscription model. Contact us for more details.