HR is a strategic, but variable resource.  The enterprise strength lies in being able to attract and retain highly skilled human resources.  HR must be made to feel that they are contributing to the realization of the goals of the enterprise and allowed to derive their motivation from that. One method of involving HR in the day to day activities of the organization is to empower them with the right computing tools wherever they are. Employees must be given access to enterprise resources, allowed to collaborate, learn or contribute from their desktops or on the go.

Cloud backup and recovery—or cloud computing enables enterprises deliver on this strategic HR activity without having to invest on HR software applications and services! The always available, always on IT infrastructure riding the Internet and using web browser based applications can connect HR in unprecedented ways, round the clock.

A recent IDG survey indicates that HR managers are becoming acutely aware of this strategic value of cloud computing. They are gearing up to work with IT management in finding HR solutions that are well integrated with other applications and fully optimized to deliver value to the enterprise.

The attributes of cloud based backup and recovery services are well established. The list includes flexibility, on demand scalability, elasticity, high availability, easy accessibility, platform independence, location independence and so on.  Each of these attributes has a human dimension to it. Starting at the home base, the IT administrator enjoys greater control; the IT staff enjoys reduction in solution management time. The employees of the enterprise enjoy ease of access, anywhere, anytime, any device access without additional investments of time and energy in obtaining information.

HR managers working in close coordination with IT will realize that the cloud makes reporting and auditing HR simpler.  HR Compliance can be monitored and skill gaps can be identified with absolute ease. The cloud applications also provide insights and tools for compensation planning, strategic hiring/recruitment, measuring workforce productivity, measuring employee satisfaction or assessing mobile work force needs. Access to legal information as they affect human resources issues can be integrated into online cloud backup databases.

If the HR department is scattered across geographical locations, the benefits of cloud computing are obvious. Communication, coordination and centralization are easier and information can be constantly updated and monitored across the board.

Cloud savvy Human resources management professionals become “professionals” in the true sense of the word.