A transition to the cloud brings in its wake a plethora of changes in the way you work. Organizational cultural issues may crop up and resistance to change will have to be handled. But, it must be remembered that the transition to the cloud and cloud backup of organizational data would promote and intensify the competitiveness of your business in the industry. So, changes must be welcomed and changes in strategy, technology, working systems must be accepted as inevitable corollaries to a more agile and dynamic method of working.

Let us look at some of the dimensions of organizational culture that will be re-shaped by cloud backup technology and the possibility that remote workers can access information from a single enterprise wide repository.

Silos and siloed working will vanish as more data is fed into cloud backup systems. Local businesses will gain global dimensions as access to the cloud backup over the Internet becomes a reality. Strategic vision and mission will have to be realigned as the reach of the organization expands beyond the boundaries of the current marketplace. Mobile workers, traveling salesmen and remote offices will integrate indivisibly with the central organization. A virtual mesh created by the cloud backup system will bind the organization together while data is accessed, uploaded, downloaded and used without boundaries. This will require a redefinition of the “authorized employee” and a re-look at all the data security systems that have traditionally been in place.

Questions around freedom, empowerment, autonomy, decision making and team working will be asked and will have to be answered. Work will gain a customer focus, as remote workers and field workers gain access to customer information on demand using the cloud backup system of the enterprise. The means to achieve objectives and the management processes associated with it will have to be redefined. Employee needs and objectives will change and interpersonal relationships will be transformed as people who have never seen each other or worked with each other will interact, communicate and strive for a single goal over the integrating cloud backup system. Concepts of leadership will not remain the same in this virtual world.

The inevitability of the change must be recognized and prepared for. Transition to the cloud and cloud backup is not just a movement of data or categories of data to a backup system in the cloud. It is a whole new conceptualization of your business and the way it is organized.