Virtual machines are software driven computing environments. It emulates the physical environment and requests for CPU memory, hard disk, network and other resources via a virtualization layer from the underlying physical hardware. A number of isolated virtualization layers can be created on a host Operating system. Virtual machines can be copied, moved and reassigned to a different host.

Having said that, it is important to appreciate the fact that backup of virtual machines is a multifaceted activity and virtual machine disaster recovery requires failover of the virtual machine to a remote location.  This can be a complex process.  Therefore, there have been several approaches to handling backup and disaster recovery of virtual machines.

Asigra v12 makes a specific provision for backup of virtual machines and for immediate activation of backup copies for failover recovery.  The software provisions for virtual machine failures and ensures failovers with instant activation of backup copies of the virtual machine from a remote location. This is made possible as the software features continuous or scheduled automatic backup of virtual machines to offsite locations that can be configured and managed by the IT Administrator from a centralized management console.

Asigra offers agentless support for cloud backup and restore for Hyper-V, VMware and XenServers. Unlike traditional backup and recovery systems, the cloud backup and recovery agent needs to be installed, maintained and managed only on one machine. This reduces security risk and total cost of ownership, while improving the performance in the virtual environment and maximizing virtualization strategy.  The DS-Client and the DS-System can be run as virtual appliances.

Asigra cloud backup software mitigates and even removes some of the hassles associated with traditional backup software. The new data protection requirements of VMware ESX are met fully and effectively without a need for installing a backup agent on the server to backup the virtual machine or consuming CPU resources. The centralized management interface easily discovers Virtual machines, permits configuration and backup, and supports multiple backup sets on all types of operating systems and applications.  Restoration operations are also simpler as one large VMDK file can be restored from the Virtual machine backup instead of multiple small individual operating systems, applications and data files.Further, Asigra breaks barriers by providing the first cloud to cloud backup support for both physical and virtual machines.

If you are planning to move your enterprise to virtual infrastructure, it is time to evaluate what your current backup application has on offer and determine whether you would benefit from espousing and using the Asigra cloud backup software. After all the new solution you choose must deliver all that you are looking for and more.

Securstore is powered by Asigra Cloud Backup and we can help you with your virtual machines disaster recovery needs.