Why backup online?  There are several reasons why you should use the Cloud to backup online, and there are very few reasons for not taking advantage of the latest available technology for backup.

Online backup secures and protects your data. Data is immediately taken offsite in an encrypted format over the Internet. This can be scheduled to happen continuously or within a specified backup window. A few Cloud backup service providers facilitate the creation of a simultaneous local backup copy on a designated local server even as the online backup is in process. The best part of the bargain is that there are no transportation logistics and costs involved while backing up to an offsite location!

Backup is consistent and automated. The database administrator can orchestrate the backup from a single management interface. The settings can be tweaked to trigger a continuous backup or a scheduled backup with no human intervention. The Administrator does not have to worry about the consistency of the backup or check whether the backup has actually happened. Any failure to backup is reported immediately and system and email alerts are triggered the moment there is a glitch in the process. The consistency of the backup, guarantees complete recovery of information stored online.

Remote and branch office data can consolidated into a single backup repository. Since the data backup happens over the Internet, remote and branch offices can login to the remote Cloud backup account and backup the data from their systems into that account. This results in consolidation of all accounts in a centralized data repository.

The backup process is simpler, faster and easier. The incremental backup process reduces the amount of data that is backed up by backing up only changed information. Further, duplicate pieces of information are filtered at source. Only one copy of the data is transmitted for online storage. A reference to the information is stored at the point where data duplication is required. This reduces the amount of data that is transferred to the online repository over the network. Moreover, the backup set is compressed to reduce the volume so that bandwidth and storage space usage is minimized.

Finally, the demands of the online process, intensifies business focus and reduces costs.  For the first time, businesses pay attention to the quality and nature of the data that they are transferring online. They make decisions around what they consider mission-critical information and what they consider public information. They ensure that only active data remains in the online repository, while historical data is repeatedly, automatically bled into cheaper storage systems. This rethink on data ensures greater security for mission-critical data and lowers costs of consumption of expensive storage media.