Business has gone global. Mobile workforces are here to stay. Siloed solutions work no more!

Look around you and you will find that a large number of companies are investing in cloud technology. Not because the cloud is the best technology to go with, but because the cloud suggests a way out of the problem of remaining isolated in a connected world. Of course, there are concerns about data security and information loss. But, these concerns are getting addressed as cloud technologies advance and new security algorithms are devised and the cloud gains prominence as a desirable business development tool.

The greatest strength of the cloud lies in the fact that it is pervasive, accessible and available 24x7x365 to anyone located anywhere in the world. All that a consumer needs is a computing device and a sufficiently good Internet connectivity to do connect into the business over the enterprise cloud. The speed or accessibility will depend on local conditions of connectivity and available bandwidth. The mobile worker need no longer feel isolated from the mainstream while going forth into the world for business purposes.

The cloud is promoting the concept of utility computing and dismantling localized hardware infrastructures that isolated the enterprise from its branches or mobile workers. The cloud is divorcing the hardware from the software. Applications that were local are now being hosted on remote servers and are being shared across the enterprise with great performance guarantees. All this is making cloud enabled businesses scalable on demand. New branches, new workers or new data centers can be connected to the private/ public or private cloud almost instantly. There is no waiting time, no budgetary constraints or technical hitches in obtaining the connectivity. The latest infrastructure can be demanded and linked up with ease and existing infrastructure can be dovetailed into the system with little or no investment in terms of time or money.

Siloed firms are perishing, becoming atrophied, and extinct. Global enterprise networks are throbbing with life as expansions are orchestrated with a few clicks and remote branches are logging in to the headquarters for download of information or upload of data. The immense potential of this trend is being realized as the market reach expands and local products are demanded in remote markets and online e-shops trade in products that are made in distant corners of the world.

It is clear that siloed solutions work no more in a global business environment!