Work cultures are being transformed with the adoption of the cloud backup and recovery. The technology is being absorbed into the very cultural fabric of the enterprise. Employees are no longer working towards climbing the corporate ladder, but achieving a comfortable work life balance. They prefer to work smarter and not longer.

“Work harder, longer—be a super being” philosophy of the baby boomer generation is giving way to a new generation that wants to work hard, but smart. They believe that they need to leave office at the close of workday and have the luxury of spending adequate time with their families while delivering value to their employer. The seeming dichotomy of goals is resolved as cloud backup and recovery and related applications slip into place and anywhere, anytime, any device access becomes a reality. Flexi-time is the beginning of the new wave. Telecommuting, part time work, work from home and other similar concepts are gaining popularity. Employers with an eye to the future of business are conscious of the needs of employees and attempt to foster the environment that permits flexible working hours with smarter—more professional–working culture.

Smart management concepts of cloud computing technology let businesses install and configure their networks with absolute ease. The web-based interfaces that use cloud backed up databases dissolve the boundaries of the organization. Network traffic can be effectively and efficiently controlled with appropriate tools that focus on quality of service (QoS) and attention to specific types of traffic that the business may like to generate.

Truly mobile oriented networks demand wireless networking. Cloud backup, recovery and their associated applications can be accessed from smart phones, tablets and other non-wired devices from anywhere, any time.  Mobile users working within the establishment or travelling across the globe can continue to work even as they move.

Lockdown of physical computing assets is no longer possible. Newer security protocols are needed to deal with a world that has become un-wired, accessible, boundary-less.  Cloud backup services install firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and also third party certified impregnable encryption algorithms for encrypting the information in transition and storage.  As part of the evolutionary trend, concepts such as segmented networks are emerging to segment traffic into appropriate slots based on employee needs. Network segments can be configured to carry IP based phone calls or create a guest only network.

In short, cloud backup driven growth ready agile business networks deliver smarter management, user mobility, tight security and WAN connectivity across business locations and transform work culture. Employees can now work smarter, not longer and deliver more.