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Case StudiesSome of Our Clients

Sun, Sand and Security

The Cave Hill Campus of University of West Indies (UWI) is backing up and protecting their data with Securstore’s multi-award winning Cloud Backup & Recovery Solution. Established in 1948, the UWI is the largest and longest standing higher education provider in the English-speaking Caribbean. It has evolved from a fledgling college in the Caribbean island of Jamaica with 33 students to a fully-fledged University with over 45,000 students, approximately 9,000 graduates annually and more than 120,000 alumni.
The University previously used tape backups, before it decided to streamline its processes for the Cave Hill campus in Barbados. The advantages of using Securstore’s service is they get a fully automated solution (therefore no risk of critical data not being backed up), the ability to recover files quickly, no more being prone to human error, no risk associated with faulty or corrupt tapes, and staff could use their time on other projects rather than managing the tape system, i.e. saving the University money by using resources better.

Technical Expertise

Having 24×7 technical support and assistance to Cloud Backup experts at any time was important for the University as an incident around the backup could occur at any time. The type of encryption used at flight and rest was determined by the University, i.e. up to 256 AES can be used and the key itself is safeguarded with no access granted to Securstore.
This ensures that no third party can tamper with the data or the backup sets created, and full control is given to the University. If the key is lost for any reason then the data effectively becomes obsolete and cannot be recovered from Securstore’s data centres. For audit and compliance purposes this represents a good alignment to have as the proper procedures and protocols are followed ensuring data security is at the foremost.


Securstore’s solution supports servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and virtual environments. For the University this represents a chance to scale or expand gradually as and when required, therefore giving full flexibility. This is important because as technology evolves and more and more versions are released of OS’s and Applications, the key component of the IT infrastructure i.e. the backup solution must be able to move with times and hence keep supporting and protecting the newer versions and releases. The opposite scenario would be to use solutions for different parts of the business and then the headache of having to manage it all.

Data is core to any business, especially to ours due to the nature of what we do and the vast array of critical student data that we hold. There are many providers out there, but what makes Securstore the right choice for us is that they have the ability to focus on recovery, security and meeting compliance requirements. Our reputation is such that we couldn’t take any chances and Securstore ticked all the boxes, we are pleased to be associated with them for the foreseeable future
Keith InnissManager of Enterprise Applications

Intelligent Protection

Securstore was chosen by Touch Bionics to protect its confidential business and patient data. With offices in Europe and North America, Touch Bionics needed a provider that could securely consolidate all its backups using the same solution across its network. Its data is now being backed up across both Securstore’s UK and USA data centres.
Touch Bionics is a well-respected provider of Active and Passive Functional Prostheses. The Active range includes the i-limb ultra revolution, i-limb ultra and i-limb digits, as well as biosim-i and biosim-pro control software, plus the ground breaking virtu-limb simulation tool. In the Passive range, world leading silicon prostheses called livingskin are available. It is committed to helping ensure that its patients and customers have the best possible experience with its products by supporting them with training and a full range of clinical services.

High End Encryption
Having this extreme niche of products with the research and development it brings, means the type of data generated is extremely confidential and cannot be accessed by any third party. Securstore addresses these concerns using enterprise-strength encryption both at flight and rest for data to be transferred offsite and stored on Securstore’s systems. The security key needed to access the data is created by Touch Bionics and accessible by no other user.

Securstore supports the company’s entire digital footprint across physical and virtual environments, from servers through to mobile devices. Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) is also available, therefore giving customers like Touch Bionics a single solution provider that can meet the demands of their complete infrastructure.

24×7 Access to Experts
Touch Bionics now not only has a solution that is fully secure, but also access to Securstore’s technical support team 24×7. Proactive monitoring occurs and in the case of any errors, the support team informs the client alongside automated email notifications. Part of its solution consists of a local copy feature, which ensures a copy of data sent offsite is kept onsite for faster recovery and added disaster recovery.
With a solution this complex and which supports a host of OS’s and Applications it is important to be able to support customer’s environments and be knowledgeable of the many features available. Yearly upgrades are there which keep up to date with the different software versions and developments so it’s necessary to be able to cater for infrastructure years ahead.

We are in a very small space in regards to what we do and develop, therefore it is imperative our sensitive data is securely stored from our worldwide offices. Securstore satisfied our business needs and are fully compliant with what we needed; their ISO 27001 certification not only covers their data centres, but offices as well. We look forward to working with them in the years to come.
Grant MartinIT Manager of Touch Bionics

Create, Listen, Backup

Audio Network, a leading provider of high quality production music for both TV and advertising with over 60 staff and 18 locations across every continent, is backing up its data through Securstore’s Cloud Backup and Recovery solution. It engages with 400 composers to produce quality music and releases up to 1,000 tracks per month. Its ethos centres around quality, ease of use and creativity (i.e. collaborating with the best composers and musicians), alongside a first class service to meet the needs of its customers.

As surveys by senior IT personnel suggest, the tide is changing with tape systems or other on-site technologies not being able to cope with backing up vast amounts of data or complex infrastructures. This in turn has resulted in offsite cloud backup or “Cloud Offerings” being the way forward. Securstore’s solution meets the requirements of the modern enterprise, which benefits Audio Network as a key focus for the company is recoverability and having the ability to restore single files/emails or large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.
Securstore provides an agentless solution that removes the tiresome task of needing to install software on every machine. It isn’t a pay per user, server, or desktop licensing model – it’s all about how much data is stored. Therefore, it allows Audio Network to be in full control of its costs by letting it decide what it wants to back up by selecting what files it wants to send offsite. The high end technology supports all operating systems, applications, laptops, smartphones and virtual environments as well as offering brick level backups/restores of Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise and SharePoint.

When data security is concerned, it is not enough to be able to just perform backups and restores. What distinguishes one solution from the other is the guarantee that global security standards are being met and followed to ensure sensitive data is tightly protected and cannot be accessed by any third party. Securstore’s solution is fully automated and complies with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), Gram-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Basel II, and many others, while also being FIPS 140-2 certified. Tape based backup systems require manual intervention and are not compliant with these regulations; this was a key factor in the decision process for Audio Network.

The market is a minefield when it comes to choosing the right solution for any product or service. There are so many offerings from various providers and especially with Cloud Backup. The only difference when choosing a solution to protect our business critical data was more caution and thorough research had to be applied – there was no way we could commit to anyone without extensive due diligence. Thankfully Securstore provided us with the confidence to partner with them for this project. This was enforced by its UKAS accredited ISO 27001 certificate, PC Pro Recommended Award and being Asigra Partner of the Year. We look forward to a long term relationship with them.
Kieran LewerHead of IT & Operations at Audio Network

The Law takes no Chances

The University of Law, the UK’s leading professional law school with over a 100 year history, thousands of students and eight locations has implemented Securstore’s Hybrid Cloud solution. The reputation of the University and the demands it has on complying with data protection signalled the need for having a backup and recovery solution that could be trusted and that met any legal requirements. The setup incorporates having data stored locally in the University’s premises and then replicating over to Securstore’s facilities. The business benefits mean having an onsite recovery mechanism to restore data more quickly with the combined assurance of an osite recovery system should, for whatever reason, the primary system fail or in the case of disaster. The company now enjoys protection from a provider that puts the security and longevity of data at the heart of everything it does. Securstore’s market leading encryption ensures Alan Steel Asset Management’s data confidentiality is never compromised; a major benefit for an organisation that has to prove to regulatory bodies that its sensitive data is protected at all times. It also enjoys full recoverability of data and business continuity should a disaster situation occur. Alan Steel Asset Management knows its data can be recovered efficiently and without any surprise costs during a disaster recovery scenario; a perfect strategy for a financial services company

Data Growth Challenges

One of the issues facing the University and similar organisations is the fast pace of data growth which cannot always be controlled; trying to balance this with budget allowance is a challenging proposition. The Securstore Hybrid solution addresses these challenges and therefore helps to ease concerns between protecting data and meeting financial spend. Support is there for servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones and physical & virtual environments; therefore being able to consolidate any environment into a single solution is an added incentive for all companies.
The automated software is running in the background to a schedule determined by Alan Steel Asset Management. After the initial backup / seeding stage, only incremental changes are sent osite, therefore minimising bandwidth usage and reducing any strain on the corporate network.

As Securstore provides the hardware for both parts of the Hybrid systems, the location for each depends on the suitability and the setup of the customer. For example, the secondary system could be on another site or data centre if applicable. Bandwidth needs to be considered, the spread and volume of data when dealing with multiple locations and any best practices which need to fit the business guidelines have to be looked at. In the University’s case having the main system where most of the data is present and then replicating to the Cloud proved to be the optimum configuration.

Having the Hybrid solution has certainly streamlined the backup process with the added benefit of a fixed monthly fee to meet our long term budget planning targets. Our data is always growing so it is good to have a technically viable backup and data recovery solution which does exactly what we were looking for and most of all is secure. For multi-TB environments or with customers having a wide mix of systems and applications, this is by far the best solution out there in the current market place.
Nick Galt, IT Director at the University of Law


Securstore is audited by British Standards Institute (BSI Group) for its ISO 27001 Information Security Standard certification and is accredited by UKAS meaning the certication is aliated by
members of the EA, IAF and ILAC governing bodies around the world. Due to the nature of the work which the University does, having this accreditation provides condence to its staff/students that all procedures around data protection and security threats are being properly followed. Data is encrypted by up to 256-AES before it leaves the firewall and whilst stored osite with the key uniquely generated by the university. This ensures there can be no 3rd party access to the data and the university maintains full control in their backup and recovery strategy.

Protecting Multi-TB Environments

United Learning, one of the UK’s largest education providers, chose to protect its data with Securstore’s Hybrid Cloud solution because of its need for a large-scale, security conscious storage medium. With 30,000 students, 5,500 staff, 20 academies and 11 independent schools, United Learning is now supported by a credible, flexible cloud solution that guarantees confidentiality and data security.

United Learning realised a Public Cloud option would not have suited its data volumes, so instead chose Securstore’s Hybrid Cloud model due to its suitability for large data environments. Dedicated infrastructure was rst implemented at United Learning’s own data centre before a secondary, replicated system was installed in Securstore’s own data centre to provide another layer of backup.

This has given United Learning both a primary and a replicated system under its exclusive control for faster backups and restores. The model has been further simplifieded with a fixed OPEX fee and as the hardware was provided by Securstore, no CAPEX investment was required.

Once you have terabytes of data to back up, the market options become more limited – often the solution is not recognised, cannot support the infrastructure or the costs make it unaffordable. We found the complete opposite with Securstore.
Dick RowleySystems Manager

Hybrid Enterprise Cloud

The benet of Securstore’s Hybrid approach gives United Learning the best of both worlds; data protected in the cloud, as well as in its own data centre.

Placement of both systems is flexible (i.e. it can be in a data centre, disaster recovery site, head office and/or branch office in its own server room) and the solution supports all common operating systems, applications, virtual environments, laptops and smartphone users. Also, with it being an agentless technology, (i.e. no need to install the software per machine), it has made it easier for United Learning to manage on a daily basis.

With Securstore, the Hybrid model suited our environment and it is delivered under a at rate fee. The company’s support is 24/7 and the team is extremely proactive in informing me of any problems. I would have no hesitation recommending Securstore’s services.
Rowley finished

Furthermore, Securstore is ISO 27001 certified by the British Standards Institute and accredited by UKAS. To receive its global accreditations, Securstore had to prove it systematically addresses all information security risks such as threats, vulnerabilities
or potential outside impacts, as well as holding acceptable means to cope with these risks. For United Learning this has given the organisation an added safeguard as it knows its backup processes are aligned with regulatory compliance laws on data protection.

The education sector requires establishments to have fast recovery of data in a secure environment as well as a solution that can support complex setups. With large volumes of students and sta this is extremely crucial to the safeguard of information.

FSA Compliance with Securstore Cloud Backup

Alan Steel Asset Management, an independent financial advisory (IFA), chose to protect its data with Securstore, a market leading Cloud Backup and Recovery provider for a range of reasons. The award winning company, regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), advises clients on pensions, investments and tax matters. Known for its simplicity and streamlining of industry jargon, it gives clients a clear understanding of the right processes to follow for long-term financial security.

The company now enjoys protection from a provider that puts the security and longevity of data at the heart of everything it does. Securstore’s market leading encryption ensures Alan Steel Asset Management’s data confidentiality is never compromised; a major benefit for an organisation that has to prove to regulatory bodies that its sensitive data is protected at all times. It also enjoys full recoverability of data and business continuity should a disaster situation occur. Alan Steel Asset Management knows its data can be recovered efficiently and without any surprise costs during a disaster recovery scenario; a perfect strategy for a financial services company

Our data is our business. If we were unable to
recover any lost data, there would be severe repercussions for ourselves, as well as our clients. Being FSA regulated, we have to follow strict compliance laws, but simultaneously ensure our IT budgets are under control.
John MckillopSystems Administrator at Alan Steel Asset Management

Agentless & Simple to Manage

Another reason Alan Steel Asset Management entrusted Securstore with its mission critical data was because of its unique agentless technology. It means Alan Steel Asset Management can backup multiple machines over the same LAN without the need to install agents on every workstation. This has saved on resources, reduced support times and improved the company’s daily management of its multiple server environment.

The automated software is running in the background to a schedule determined by Alan Steel Asset Management. After the initial backup / seeding stage, only incremental changes are sent osite, therefore minimising bandwidth usage and reducing any strain on the corporate network.

Securstore met our requirements on every front. Its ISO 27001 certification by the BSI and accreditation by UKAS certainly helped the decision process. We’re happy Securstore is protecting our data and would recommend the company to anyone.
Mckillop concluded

There are many additional features in the software that make the support and management of the backups extremely feasible. The local copy feature means a copy of critical data can be kept onsite to any storage device, so it can be restored quickly via the LAN during a DR situation. With exchange there is brick level backup i.e. the ability to backup and restore individual emails, therefore rather than recovering an entire database, users can restore single mailboxes quickly to either the same or an alternative location.

All these combined give Alan Steel extra benefitts as it knows its business is entirely protected, without the need for an expensive, performance-impacting solution.

Leading Outdoor Clothing Company 66°NORTH Overhauls its Data Backup Strategy

66°NORTH, one of Iceland’s oldest manufacturing companies and an expert in the production of outdoor clothing, has chosen Securstore, a leading Asigra partner, to protect its mission critical data. Established in 1926 and with a 200-strong workforce spread across 15 sites in Iceland, 66°NORTH needed a exible, reliable cloud backup solution that could solve its data challenges. Since implementing Securstore’s solution in late 2011, 66°NORTH has now protected all its data with Securstore, including SQL databases, Exchange Mail servers and standard le servers.

We no longer have to hope our data is backed up,we know it is. Previously we used a tape system, but the work involved was laborious, time consuming and sometimes unreliable. When our tape library failed, we decided to move to the cloud. Securstore came highly recommended from other IT professionals and the service we have received has been excellent. Arni EgilssonIT Manager at 66 North

Support for Servers, Desktops, Laptops & Smartphones
Securstore Cloud Backup supports all IT congurations and 66°NORTH´S specic infrastructure includes VMware ESX servers running several dozen virtual servers, a SAN storage system, and more than 100 standard desktop machines across 15 sites. Due to Securstore Cloud Backup’s support for remote devices, 66°NORTH also plans to protect data residing on smartphones and laptops in the future.

66°NORTH also boasts full regulatory compliance due to Securstore’s stringent data security measures and auditing. With Securstore holding ISO 27001 accreditation and protecting data through 256 AES Encryption with FIPS 140-2 certication, 66°NORTH knows its data is protected remotely by professionals it can trust.

Sustaining Costs despite Natural Data Growth
Sustaining Costs despite Natural Data Growth 66°NORTH has always focused on improving its data sets so a final concern was natural data growth. With Securstore’s unique two tier backup model and advanced deduplication techniques helping intelligently compress the company’s data, data volumes have signicantly reduced. This in turn has decreased the load on local IT infrastructure and provided 66°NORTH further cost savings by ensuring duplicate data is not being backed up.

Our focus is on quality and we share this common vision with Securstore. We quickly realised Securstore had the solution for us – advanced technology based on award winning software from Asigra, a focus on quality and trust, systems that are easy to use and implement, and market leading support. At every point of the implementation process Securstore has been attentive and helpful Arni EgilssonIT Manager at 66 NORTH

VIS Insurance Moves to the Cloud for Cost Effective Data Backup

VIS Insurance Ltd, one of Iceland’s leading providers of non-life insurance services, implemented Securstore’s market leading Asigra Cloud Backup & Recovery solution to safeguard its business critical data. The company has been a long-term Securstore customer and protects a large amount of SQL data. It also entrusts a substantial amount of standard media, as well as Lotus Notes, Exchange and Sharepoint data.

“For three years we’ve been using Securstore’s solution. Originally we had a tape backup system, but decided to move to a modern cloud based option for safer offsite backup of our data. We needed something that was both flexible and user friendly – Securstore matched these needs perfectly. Strong support was also a key requirement and Securstore has more than delivered in that area” Stefan HjalmarssonSenior System Administrator

Securstore’s Cloud Backup means VIS can restore data quicker than before and protect every data type necessary. By using a provider that is ISO 27001 accredited VIS is also compliant with all international data regulations. This compliance guarantees the sensitivity and confidentiality of VIS’ data across the organisation.

Secure, Encrypted Cloud Backup
Securstore’s unique solution has reduced backup costs and simplified VIS’ data billing. The company now has a clearer overview of how much it is spending every month on data protection and business continuity. This clarity lets VIS better predict future backup costs for its 250 employees. VIS also has the option to backup mobiles and laptop data using Securstore’s lite client. Finally, having a scalable system means data can grow with the business and at an affordable rate that is easy to forecast.

We’ve been extremely impressed with the user
friendliness and ease of use of Securstore’s Asigra solution. Securstore has an excellent reputation for the onus it puts on data security and customer service. It doesn’t matter if it is a weekend or holiday, whenever we’ve had configuration queries, support requests or needed to add machines to the backup plan; Securstore has solved issues quickly and politely. The 24/7 support service has been a real indicator of the company’s quality.
Stefan Hjalmarsson

The Edge Picture Company having the Edge for Backup

An established and well known production company whose reputation is second to none in making great films, The Edge Picture Company based in central London wanted to have an offsite backup solution that could securely protect its vast array of media files and other critical data. Having a 60 strong workforce also meant that the management of the backups had to be simple without any daily issues. SecurStore was chosen by Edge Picture because the technology was the best fit for the organisation coupled with full 24/7 technical support being available.

As a tight knit organisation I wanted to be associated with a provider that could understand our backup needs and provide a long term solution. SecurStore’s technology is excellent and helps me allocate my time on other projects. Also both companies were formed 20 years ago in 1991 which adds a nice EDGE to it. Pete BurrowsProducer & Head of IT and Edit Facilities

Backing Up Media Files Efficiently
One of the main concerns of having files such as JPG’s, PDF’s and other non-changing data is the time it takes to back up these files as well as ensuring it is cost effective. SecurStore addresses this problem by having a unique multi-tier storage model which allows less critical data or files that don’t change to be stored in a lower cost tier whilst still benefiting from the security and offsite advantages. In addition the initial backup is done via disk which is couriered at no extra cost to the customer thus eliminating the need to upload large volumes of data over the internet at first go. The secondary tier or “archive” tier can also be used to store historical snapshots for compliance or audit purposes which is a great advantage to have, plus having the flexibility in customizing the retention rules to suit the business needs is an added bonus.

Agentless Setup
SecurStore provides an agentless backup solution, meaning it is totally different to more traditional software’s that require gents to be installed per machine or separate licences to be purchased and then renewed. The DS-Client as it’s referred to, can be installed on any machine which subsequently sees other servers/workstations connected to it. This is not a pay per user/desktop/software model but costs are only on data stored after it has been compressed, de-duplicated and delta blocked. The technology can support Windows, Mac, Linux, SQL, Oracle, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Laptops, VMware plus much more.

Being in the business of having a large range of media files, I needed a backup solution that could support this in a sustainable way. The SecurStore multi-tier concept is unique and with a large percentage of my files in the archive tier, it makes the costs within budget. The company has also been certified by BSI for ISO 27001 therefore ensuring all the processes and controls around our backups are dealt with in a professional and secure manner. Pete Burrows

NG Bailey’s saves data and reduces carbon footprint with Securstore

The IT Services division of NG Bailey delivers and manages secure integrated systems for businesses through strategic alliances with leading technology vendors such as Cisco Systems, IBM, and HP. NG Bailey has an award winning and innovative blend of people, processes and technology that enables the company to help transform the nature of customers’ businesses putting it at the forefront of developing technology. The security-focused lifecycle approach incorporates all the aspects of planning, implementation and management that are necessary to effectively deploy IP networks.

“The lifeblood of our business is our data. We take responsibility for the critical data of our customers, through the hosting, management and monitoring of their networks, so we must back up securely, reliably, and have access however and whenever we need it.” Indi SallTechnical Director at NG Bailey

Previously, NG Bailey had been using industry standard disk-to-tape systems to back up its networks. Indi recognised that not only was this system relatively time-consuming, it was also highly energy inefficient and prone to human or machine error. In addition, once the tapes were delivered back to NG Bailey, recovering data was a lengthy process and not always successful.

The business has a lot of data for its size, which is run across a number of different operating systems, most of which are virtualised. This meant that the company initially thought there was little hope of finding an all-encompassing, cost-effective solution. They freely admit that at first they were sceptical about the simplicity of Securstore’s Cloud Backup & Recovery Solution, however, in the free backup and recovery tests that SecurStore carried out, all data was recovered rapidly from every type of system and application used.

The Securstore solution entails installing software on just one server on the network. All the databases, Linux file servers and PCs can then be accessed so that a backup strategy can be defined. NG Bailey decides the timing, frequency and number of generations for each backup set, ensuring that there is no disruption to business.

The online solution automatically transfers data offsite in real-time, eliminating the risks associated with storing information onsite and the loss of data during transit by courier to an offsite location. The secure backup and recovery service from Securstore was fully implemented across NG Bailey’s IT Services division in 2007. Since that date, the company has benefited from off-site backup, complete confidentiality and totally secure storage using the latest encryption and authentication technologies.

“After many years as a Securstore customer, we are 100 per cent satisfied with the service. Effective data management and secure back-up is imperative to the success of our business, and to our reputation in the market. On top of that we are reducing our carbon footprint which is in-line with our vision towards the future” Indi Sall

Moreton Smith financial firm takes no chances on data backup

Moreton Smith, an award-winning credit management agency renowned for its powerful Credit Management Solution, has chosen to back up its business critical data with SecurStore, the trusted and specialist provider of Cloud Services. Supporting customers world- wide and founded in 1994, Moreton Smith manages over £10 billion of client receivables through its service and software offerings annually. It supports just under a fifth of all FTSE 100 companies and serves over 640 clients across 36 industries in 123 countries. For this reason, data has to be securely protected without any impact on IT resources and management.

In the 21st Century technology is constantly changing and we as a company need to ensure we are not left behind. Data is the backbone of our business and without adequate protection of our clients’ data, our reputation and financial stability would suffer. We can’t afford to be complacent with our backup procedures. SecurStore addresses all our backup concerns and has given us peace of mind that our business continuity strategy is fully protecting our clients’ data, as well as our company’s future. David KingNetwork Manager at Moreton Smith

Enterprise Technology and High Security
Moreton Smith now has full data protection with SecurStore’s enterprise-grade technology. Its agentless backup utilizes military- strength encryption and includes support for every IT configuration, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Novell, VMware, Hyper-V, XenSource, MS-SharePoint, MS-Exchange, MS-SQL, SAP, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Lotus Notes & Domino, GroupWise and MySQL. Laptops, and data residing on remote devices like tablets and smart- phones, can also be backed up with SecurStore’s Lite client.

Employing strong security measures and passing data compliance audits are all data protection benefits that Moreton Smith now enjoys. SecurStore is regularly audited and re-certified for ISO 27001 accreditation – this guarantees SecurStore’s working practices and data centers match the stringent data protection standards expected by the British Standards Institute. It also meets the terms of the Information Security Standard, as well as providing dedicated
24/7 technical support.

Unique Multi-Tier Storage Model
The final concern Moreton Smith faced was data scalability and future growth. SecurStore’s backup solution allows Moreton Smith to utilise different storage layers to ensure its backup requirements are fully met and costs are sustained. SecurStore offers a cloud solution that utilises two backup tiers – critical data is stored on fibre channel disks for fast recovery and less critical data on SATA disks for recovery within 24 hours. It also includes local copy functionality for creating onsite copies on any device if required. This means recovery can occur at LAN network speeds should the need arise.

The availability of an onsite software license means Moreton Smith enjoys three tiers of protection, as well as extra protection from local data copies. In the near future the company will be able to take advantage of SecurStore’s upcoming offsite green tier. This will help Moreton Smith to reduce its carbon footprint, employ greater social responsibility and finally, allow the use of a truly unique and innovative solution.

We realized that implementing an enterprise class solution wasn’t enough. SecurStore’s extensive support, technical expertise and simple implementation helped us choose them for our cloud based backup model. Finally, their independent recognition, high level of customer satisfaction and the fact they meet global security standards was crucial in our decision. We are more than happy with SecurStore and look forward to a long relationship with them. David King

Cloud Backup Secured

GEO Group UK Ltd, a leading private custodial and detention management rm, is protecting its mission critical data with Securstore Cloud Backup and Recovery. As a wholly owned subsidiary of GEO Group, Inc, which operates over 100 custodial facilities across Europe, America, Australia, and South Africa, the UK group manages prisons, Immigration Removal Centres and Escorting services for the UK government. Supporting the public sector means the company needs a robust, flexible backup and recovery solution.

Securstore’s Cloud Backup solution Powered by Asigra ensures GEO Group UK’s entire enterprise digital footprint (storage, servers, desktops, and laptops on the enterprise LAN, as well as remote tablets, smart phones, and laptops) is fully protected. The agentless solution supports every major operating system, service platform and network application. This scalability is critical for GEO Group UK with its broad infrastructure and data security requirements.

We needed a solution that could support our multiple sites and data types whilst meeting our stringent security requirements. We need to know that our data is safe, as well as being easily and rapidly recoverable. Securstore’s cloud solution lets our IT department focus its time and attention on supporting the business rather than managing and troubleshooting a complex in-house backup system. Russell SayerIT Infrastructure Manager at GEO Group UK

Multi-Tier Backup for Audits and Compliance
Multi-Tier Backup for Audits and Compliance GEO Group UK is fully utilising Securstore’s unique multi-tier solution with critical and non-critical data predefined over 2 tiers of storage. By default, data resides in the primary tier (online). However, retention rules can be applied to move older non-changing data to the secondary tier (Backup Lifecycle Management – BLM).

This protection is crucial in a disaster situation as GEO Group UK is able to restore its critical data immediately. For data with less importance, it can be restored at a more time-effective rate. If it was restoring all its data in a single restore, it would be time consuming and hinder business continuity. BLM also allows the creation of historical snapshots at weekly, monthly or yearly intervals. These data copies are stored in the BLM vault for any predefined period of time.

The method of backups is vast; some examples include tapes, onsite solutions or even backing up via USB/HDD or CD’s in some cases. What is different to all of these is the requirement that is needed from a business perspective and the implications should something go wrong if data gets lost. GEO Group UK being in the Services sector, security is at the forefront especially when it comes to sending data offsite therefore the method of backup could not be compromised.

Security is critical to our business, so the value of having a solution that meets all of these requirements cannot be overstated. Securstore ticked every box and we are more than happy for them to manage our data backup long term. Russell Sayer

NSI Gold Company Protected By SecurStore

The National Security Inspectorate is the leading approvals and certification body that inspects companies providing home security, business security and fire safety services. Its mission is to raise and maintain the standard of service delivered in the security and fire industries. The accreditation process exists to ensure the strongest performing companies are recognized and supported in their work, to an independent standard that their customers can trust.

Choosing SecurStore was a total no brainer for us to achieve NSI accreditation with the ISO 9001 standard and to ensure we continued to offer the most robust and streamlined service to our customers,” highlights the IT Director. “SecurStore is an ideal fit for us with its robust corporate backup and recovery service reinforced with the ISO 27001 standard.”

NSI Accreditation and SecurStore
The accreditation process is a highly stringent one. A core element that companies must have in place to achieve accreditation from the NSI is to have all its data backed up offsite. SecurStore was elected as the provider it could trust with the critical task of backing up all of its data offsite and enabling fast, flexible and secure recovery of data whenever needed. Not only does SecurStore’s Cloud Backup and recovery solution mean that strict criteria is met for the NSI accreditation, but the business now benefits from the efficiency, reliability and security of having its data backed up and instantly available.

The National Security Inspectorate is the leading approvals and certification body that inspects companies providing home security, business security and fire safety services. Its mission is to raise and maintain the standard of service delivered in the security and fire industries. The accreditation process exists to ensure the strongest performing companies are recognized and supported in their work,to an independent standard that their customers can trust.

As an NSI approved and accredited company, businesses must prove its competence and compliance on a regular basis. The secure offsite data backup and recovery strategy put in place by SecurStore means that this core element of business management and continuity as well as its NSI accreditation is protected. SecurStore brings industry standard credibility to its customers through accreditation by the British Standards Institution (BSI) to the ISO 27001 standard which ensures the security,confidentiality and integrity of data.

This organization offers complete security solutions in closed circuit television, intruder alarms, access control and covert technologies for some of the UK’s leading companies. The nature of this service means that the organization is vital to its customers’ businesses and therefore must operate with the upmost integrity, reliability and resiliency. In the security industry reputation is everything and this reputation has enabled the company to be accredited as a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold company with the stringent ISO 9001 quality assurance, the internationally recognized standard for the quality management of business.