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Ultimately, education is also a business. Students and lecturers are to be enrolled, assigned classes, student progress is to be tracked, multiple campuses will have to be coordinated and managed; and payments are to be received from students and disbursements have to be made to employees, who may be lecturers, administrative staff, cleaning contractors or campus security personnel. All this activity generates data that must be preserved, maintained, secured, archived, searched and reported on, for a variety of purposes to those who monitor the business of imparting education or to those who demand compliance with legal mandates under various extant enactments of the State or Federal Governments. The implication is that you need a robust, reliable, scalable and highly available information management system that ensures business continuity and instantaneous disaster recovery.

Securstore offers an agentless, automated and sustained cloud backup and recovery solution that is platform independent and customizable to your specific requirements. Educational institutions generating mission-critical data from multiple sources, by the second, can sit back and relax as data is continuously streamed offsite to secure data centers in the cloud or stored in local backup servers simultaneously, with little or no human intervention.

Business continuity is guaranteed as replication servers and failover servers take over seamlessly to ensure 24×7 availability of information and disaster recovery systems provide assurance of instantaneous recovery from any kind of disaster that may occur—manmade or natural. Time stamped data that is ripe for archival can be ceaselessly and automatically archived in accordance to pre-defined data management settings.

Data security need no longer be a matter of concern for Securstore users. Cryptographic algorithms that are FIPS 140-2 certified and standard de-duplication and compression protocols are used to encrypt, deduplicate, and compress information in transit over the Internet or at rest in storage systems. Elaborate role based user management systems have been scripted to enable administrators assign the required rights and permissions to selected users. User activity can be tracked, logged, reported on. Alerts can be generated for unusual activity and a 24×7 support system can be relied upon to hand hold the educational institution through any kind of data management crisis that may be encountered in the course of the business. Securstore main features are found here.

  • Data is encrypted with 256 Bit AES at source, on flight, and at rest
  • ISO 27001 certified by BSI Group
  • Compliance with global security standards (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, FIPS 140-2, ANAB, NIST and HIPAA)
  • Supports all operating systems, applications and Virtual Environments
  • Multi-Tier Storage – store data into tiers according to importance
  • Personalized technical support, round the clock, 24×7
  • Agentless software – no need to install software on all machines
  • Scalable technology – scale based on your requirements

Securstore is a PC Pro recommended for the Enterprise sector and is the 2012 Asigra Partner of the year.
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