Proactive Data Management –Staying in Control of Data Operations

Downtime, disaster, data breaches and data losses—are more common than they are believed to be. Businesses confronted with any of the above tend to be reactive rather than proactive. They want to put it behind them quickly and get on with their business. But, wisdom lies in learning from the event and preventing future occurrences. This is especially true for the financial sectors where every minute counts—millions are made and lost in a second, losses can pile up relentlessly fostering further losses and economies can plunge into recession.

Securstore strongly believes that the secret of good data management lies in planning, scheduling and controlling the avalanche of sensitive information, that is fed into financial systems by the second. Securstore’s cost effective data management systems are built to schedule and backup data streams converging in from multi-platform sources into highly secured, stable data centers that are always available, highly scalable and manageable.

Securstore builds a trustful relationship with its customers on the foundation that financial data in transit and rest are encrypted with impregnable cryptographic algorithms, and well-developed user management systems determine the nature and extent of access permissible to various entities interacting with the system.

Securstore’s Disaster recovery is instantaneous. Businesses facing extreme situations (floods, fires, earthquakes etc., which could destroy their entire premises) can coordinate with Securstore’s extremely supportive 24×7 customer care division in downloading/ re-seeding data into their local servers.

Compliance is never compromised and legal mandates are fulfilled by Securstore users. A number of tools built into Securstore’s Cloud Backup Systems, ensure that customers are never at a disadvantage when fulfilling compliance requirements or facing compliance audit. Historical snapshots of financial data can be stored offsite in formats that are amenable for discovery, for as long as seven years or more as per the dictates of law or retention policies of the organization.

Securstore Solution Highlights for the Financial sector:

  • Data is encrypted with 256 Bit AES at source, on flight, and at rest
  • ISO 27001 certified by BSI Group
  • Compliance with global security standards (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, FIPS 140-2, ANAB, NIST and HIPAA)
  • Supports all operating systems, applications and Virtual Environments
  • Multi-Tier Storage – store data into tiers according to importance
  • Personalized technical support, round the clock, 24×7
  • Agentless software – no need to install software on all machines
  • Scalable technology – scale based on your requirements

Securstore is a PC Pro recommended for the Enterprise sector and is the 2012 Asigra Partner of the year.
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