Information Security is not an Issue!

Remember, strangling your creative energy is no solution to your information security problems. Spread out your manufacturing business as much as you want, where you want. Do not worry about secure transmission of data—your intellectual property–to your outlying units. SecurStore has alternate solutions that can make your factories digital while ensuring that your data remains secure, highly available and instantly recoverable.

Securstore understands your needs. Securstore knows that you face intense competition in your niche market segment and the pressure is continuously growing with globalization, and hi-tech firms stepping into the arena from developed economies. Securstore knows that you have to address these challenges and produce more with less of everything—money, energy, waste and material. Innovation and transformation alone can keep you one step ahead of the competition. Securstore provides you with the technology you need –technology that allows you to backup and recover your most precious asset, your data –to meet the challenges going forward.

Get on the cloud with Securstore’s strong technological base and have absolute, unshakeable confidence in your information management systems. Remain in control while collating, backing up or distributing information over your network. Focus on integration, development and work with the enabling technology provided by Securstore.

Work on any kind of operating system or computing device and receive the same kind of performance across devices. Deliver information to your local or remote units; transformed factories and inter-networked facilities at a minimal cost, riding the cloud and communicating over the internet. Use the cloud and Securstore software to drive performance and deliver information securely over the Internet, using impregnable cryptographic algorithms to encrypt data in transit.

Securstore Solution Highlights for the Manufactoring sector:

  • Data is encrypted with 256 Bit AES at source, on flight, and at rest
  • ISO 27001 certified by BSI Group
  • Compliance with global security standards (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, FIPS 140-2, ANAB, NIST and HIPAA)
  • Supports all operating systems, applications and Virtual Environments
  • Multi-Tier Storage – store data into tiers according to importance
  • Personalized technical support, round the clock, 24×7
  • Agentless software – no need to install software on all machines
  • Scalable technology – scale based on your requirements

Securstore is a PC Pro recommended for the Enterprise sector and is the 2012 Asigra Partner of the year.
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