The Market is growing rapidly

Customers are no longer apprehensive about Cloud Services, in fact they are more embracive as they understand the need to adapt with technology which can cater for their infrastructure needs for the foreseeable future. Using Cloud based Services is the only way to do that.


There is a strong need for Onsite Services

Data is growing at 50%+ per year and is becoming increasingly valuable as a means of maintaining a competitive edge. However data is also increasingly at risk, in the event of data loss, corruption, theft or disaster, onsite models can no longer cater for business continuity should something go wrong.


Tape Based Systems are too old

Using these solutions for recovery can be quite tiresome, slow, unreliable and unsecure. Having decade old technology which provides protection for business critical data is too much to risk especially in today’s marketplace.


Why Store in the Cloud?

Cloud Services can provide a more scalable, secure, cost effective and faster solution which can protect multi-office sites or a mobile workforce. A bespoke strategy can be constructed to suit your customers’ requirements.


Securstore is a Good Business Opportunity

It meets the needs of senior executives, who are concerned about fast data recovery and business continuity as well as Administrators who want hassle free backup, storage and recovery services in an easy to use system.


What we Offer?

Securstore offer Cloud Backup and Recovery services, with full 24/7 support. The technologies cater for all platforms and applications and give confidence that no matter what infrastructure your customer has in place, you will be able to assist in their needs. Our partners are also provided continual free sales and first line technical training by our knowledgeable experts.


Value Add Service to your existing portfolio.

Our services can help you maintain customer loyalty and drive additional recurring revenue by offering superior services without customers having to invest in any hardware.



We can cater for prospects with Multi-TB environments by implementing our Hybrid Enterprise Cloud solution. No matter the data volume or complexity of their infrastructure we can help.



Securstore’s Services complies with many well-known Global Security Standards and meets industry regulations on offsite data backup and storage. Being certified by ISO 27001, and using the highest levels of encryption ensure that you have credibility when approaching customers.


Differentiate yourself from the rest

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and how your organisation and Securstore can complement each other. Please do get in touch on 0800 180 4425.