On the back of Asigra’s 4th Annual Partners Summit in Toronto, SecurStore is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of its award winning Cloud Backup Platform. Version 11 in simple terms supports everything – it spreads out the backup options to customers no matter what infrastructure or environment is present.  
“Our latest generation software takes account of the consumerisation of IT, where user-driven trends such as the integration of mobile devices in business environments are creating new challenges for IT professionals,” said David Farajun, CEO, Asigra. “The launch of version 11 reaffirms our commitment to overcoming these challenges by providing holistic technology to enable a more agile enterprise.”
Asigra v11 – Unrivalled Cloud Backup for the 21st Century
In addition to supporting major systems and applications such as Windows, Mac, Linux, SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, VMware plus many more, the reach has now gone to handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones. This is now the industry’s first enterprise level cloud backup solution that can cater for servers, storage units, desktops, laptops and remote devices, all dispersed either locally or globally, and being able to be centrally managed through its interface.

Alexander Eiríksson, COO at SecurStore says, “ We, as enterprise level managed service providers, must lead the way in offering technology to customers that will not only support their environment, but will be scalable to their needs which change over the course of time. Handheld devices are part of the normality these days and as every business user has some form of portable or remote unit, v11 will keep people on the move without having to worry about data loss”.

Since 1986 over 400,000 customer sites are being protected by Asigra’s Cloud Backup Service which over the past 12 months alone has increased the market penetration by over 60%. Gartner recently recognised Asigra as the market leader for enterprise Cloud Backup and with the current value for these types of services valued at $2 billion, acceleration is continuing at a rapid pace. Companies want simplicity, efficiency and most of all a secure and reliable solution that, from a technological viewpoint, “works” no matter what is thrown at it. Asigra addresses this balance on both sides giving the end user full benefits and not having to worry about their backup strategy for years to come.

Some of the other main features of v11 include improved performance by up to 400% to cater for natural data growth allowing the backups to be completed within the appropriate set schedules. Also a new web based command centre that allows complete transparency and visibility of the customer’s environment from anywhere, 24/7, is an added and innovative detail. This is all done via the new DS-NOC (Network Operations Centre).

SecurStore currently offers Cloud Backup over a multi-tier solution. Critical data is stored on a primary tier for rapid recovery whilst non-critical data is stored on the BLM or archive tier for recovery within 24 hours. Shortly a “3rd tier” will be launching as a Cloud Storage offering with data to be stored in a 100% Green Data Centre. This coupled with full 24/7 technical support, ISO 27001 certification and costs only for data stored, gives customers a truly global and cost effective Cloud Services model which will suit any budget in a customised and bespoke strategy.

Alexander Eiríksson, COO at SecurStore adds, “For the first time, SecurStore offers an all-round Cloud Services solution which is not available anywhere in the market. We have customers around the world in sectors such as financial, legal, engineering, retail and many more, so having v11 just adds to our portfolio of being able to deliver an offsite Cloud Platform in an agentless manner thus ending the need for tape based systems or other agent related solutions. The message is clear, come and let us manage your business in the 21st century, your organisation deserves it.”