Noida, New DelhiRoyal Ekutir Technology Ltd. (RETL), has begun offering Securstore’s world leading Cloud Backup and Recovery services to its entire user base of around 300,000. The launch followed Securstore’s training visit to RETL’s Indian office.

For the majority of RETL customers, Securstore’s solution will be deployed using the DS-Mobile (laptop) client for Windows and Mac users. Enterprise customers have the option to implement the full DS-Client which offers greater functionality, including support for every major operating system, email systems like Exchange, virtual environments, Oracle, SQL, Linux and more.

RETL aims to be a complete provider for enterprise IT and has pursued an array of IT solutions and hardware and software partnerships to achieve its aim. RETL has created its ECARD initiative, a service that provides customers with the hardware and IT services they require with simple billing and dedicated account management. Customers receive a single point of contact and avoid product / support fragmentation.

Chander Shekhar, CEO & MD of RETL said, “Firstly, we would like to thank Securstore for visiting India to train our new dedicated Cloud Backup teams. Both companies share mutual goals in customer support; our mission is to offer a perfect service to our client base, irrespective of their size, location or number of staff. As cost effectiveness is equally important, we didn’t choose the lowest cost backup solution. Our credibility in the industry is maintained with a proven solution and reputable partner. We’re excited for the long term opportunity offered by Securstore Cloud Backup.” 

With Securstore as its backup provider, RETL customers are given peace of mind through Securstore’s excellent security measures, international compliance and data recovery speeds. With 24/7 support available, and a provider that understands the due diligence required for data backup, including market leading knowledge about the necessary encryption, infrastructure support and independent certification, customers are fully protected and provided the features necessary for secure cloud backup.

Saaher Muzafer, CSO of Securstore, said, “Our unique, long running relationship with Asigra allows us to share our expertise of Cloud Backup with a new territory. Providing a long term, credible solution to RETL for its customers shows our commitment to the partnership; a fact cemented by our visit to RETL for systems and sales training.”

About RETL
Royal Ekutir Technology Ltd. (Formerly known as E-Kutir Technology & Extension Management (p) Ltd.), is a professionally managed, fast growing Indian IT / Communication system integration company. Its corporate headquarters are located in Noida, New Delhi, India.
RETL believes self-satisfaction is client satisfaction. And satisfaction comes from success, which is achieved by designing, defining, mapping a process and by adopting standardised process engineering methodology. RETL ensures client satisfaction by working closely with the client and by delivering products and services of high quality on time, while striving to improve employee productivity and employee satisfaction.
In-house domain knowledge, understanding of the service Industry & optimum utilisation of resources gives us an edge over others. RETL solutions prove to be a genuine business advantage to our customers that is to provide a true value for money solution geared to the customer needs.