London, UK – The University of Law, the UK’s leading professional law school with over a 100 year history, thousands of students and eight locations has today implemented Securstore’s Hybrid Cloud  solution. The reputation of the University and the demands it has on complying with data protection signalled the need for having a backup and recovery solution that could be trusted and that met any legal requirements.

The setup incorporates having data stored locally in the University’s premises and then replicating over to Securstore’s facilities. The business benefits mean having an onsite recovery mechanism to restore data more quickly with the combined assurance of an offsite recovery system should, for whatever reason, the primary system fail or in the case of disaster.

One of the issues facing the University and similar organisations is the fast pace of data growth which cannot always be controlled; trying to balance this with budget allowance is a challenging proposition. The Securstore Hybrid solution addresses these challenges and therefore helps to ease concerns between protecting data and meeting financial spend. Support is there for servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones and physical & virtual environments, therefore being able to consolidate any environment into a single solution is an added incentive for all companies.

Nick Galt, IT Director at the University of Law, said, “Having the Hybrid solution has certainly streamlined the backup process with the added benefit of a fixed monthly fee to meet our long term budget planning targets. Our data is always growing so it is good to have a technically viable backup and data recovery solution which does exactly what we were looking for and most of all is secure. For multi-TB environments or with customers having a wide mix of systems and applications, this is by far the best solution out there in the current market place.”

As Securstore provides the hardware for both parts of the Hybrid systems, the location for each depends on the suitability and the setup of the customer.  For example, the secondary system could be on another site or data centre if applicable. Bandwidth needs to be considered, the spread and volume of data when dealing with multiple locations and any best practices which need to fit the business guidelines have to be looked at. In the University’s case having the main system where most of the data is present and then replicating to the Cloud proved to be the optimum configuration.

Securstore is audited by British Standards Institute (BSI Group) for its ISO 27001 Information Security Standard certification and is accredited by UKAS meaning the certification is affiliated by members of the EA, IAF and ILAC governing bodies around the world. Due to the nature of the work which the University does, having this accreditation provides confidence to its staff/students that all procedures around data protection and security threats are being properly followed.

Saaher Muzafer, Chief Sales Officer at Securstore, said, “The University of Law moving to Hybrid was a natural step for them in their backup strategy. The solution works and has been recognised by various independent publications as a market leader in Cloud Backup. Therefore when the opportunity presented itself to the University, it was an appropriate fit. We look forward to managing their Hybrid solution for many years to come”.

About The University of Law

The University of Law is the UK’s longest-established specialist provider of legal education and training. Formally established as The College of Law by the Law Society in the 1960s, its roots in the profession stretch back over 100 years, as it was an amalgamation of the long-running Law Society School of Law and historic tutorial firm Gibson and Weldon.

It has remained at the heart of legal education ever since, continuing to develop and expand a national presence as the acknowledged leader in innovative, professional legal education for prospective lawyers and professional development training for those already qualified. Over the years, it has worked with virtually every UK law firm to help meet their training and development needs, with many firms sending their trainees exclusively to it.

The University of Law made history in 2006 by becoming the first independent institution to be granted degree awarding powers by the Privy Council, leading to the development of its professionally-focused Bachelor and Master of Laws degree programmes.

In 2012, it was granted full university title and changed its name from The College of Law to The University of Law. This was an important development in its long history, reinforcing its absolute commitment to providing professional legal education of the highest quality to serve the needs of the legal profession and future generations of lawyers.

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