Moreton Smith, an award-winning credit management agency renowned for its powerful Credit Management Solution, has chosen to back up its business critical data with SecurStore, the trusted and specialist provider of Cloud Services. Supporting customers worldwide and founded in 1994, Moreton Smith manages over £10 billion of client receivables through its service and software offerings annually. It supports just under a fifth of all FTSE 100 companies and serves over 640 clients across 36 industries in 123 countries. For this reason, data has to be securely protected without any impact on IT resources and management.


David King, Network Manager at Moreton Smith said, “In the 21st Century, technology is constantly changing and we as a company need to ensure we are not left behind. Data is the backbone of our business and without adequate protection of our clients’ data, our reputation and financial stability would suffer. We can’t afford to be complacent with our backup procedures. SecurStore addresses all our backup concerns and has given us peace of mind that our business continuity strategy is fully protecting our clients’ data, as well as our company’s future.”
Enterprise Technology and High Security
Moreton Smith now has full data protection with SecurStore’s enterprise-grade technology. Its agentless backup utilises military-strength encryption and includes support for every IT configuration, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Novell, VMware, Hyper-V, XenSource, MS-SharePoint, MS-Exchange, MS-SQL, SAP, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Lotus Notes & Domino, GroupWise and MySQL. Laptops, and data residing on remote devices like tablets and smartphones, can also be backed up with SecurStore’s Lite client.Employing strong security measures and passing data compliance audits are all data protection benefits that Moreton Smith now enjoys. SecurStore is regularly audited and re-certified for ISO 27001 accreditation – this guarantees SecurStore’s working practices and data centres match the stringent data protection standards expected by the British Standards Institute. It also meets the terms of the Information Security Standard, as well as providing dedicated 24/7 technical support.Unique Multi-Tier Storage Model
The final concern Moreton Smith faced was data scalability and future growth. SecurStore’s backup solution allows Moreton Smith to utilise different storage layers to ensure its backup requirements are fully met and costs are sustained. SecurStore offers a cloud solution that utilises two backup tiers – critical data is stored on fibre channel disks for fast recovery and less critical data on SATA disks for recovery within 24 hours. It also includes local copy functionality for creating onsite copies on any device if required. This means recovery can occur at LAN network speeds should the need arise.

The availability of an onsite software license means Moreton Smith enjoys three tiers of protection, as well as extra protection from local data copies. In the near future the company will be able to take advantage of SecurStore’s upcoming offsite green tier. This will help Moreton Smith to reduce its carbon footprint, employ greater social responsibility and finally, allow the use of a truly unique and innovative solution.

David King continued, “We realised that implementing an enterprise class solution wasn’t enough. SecurStore’s extensive support, technical expertise and simple implementation helped us choose them for our cloud based backup model. Finally, their independent recognition, high level of customer satisfaction and the fact they meet global security standards was crucial in our decision. We are more than happy with SecurStore and look forward to a long relationship with them.”