London, UKFusion Housing, a respected housing support charity, has today chosen Securstore, a market leader in enterprise Cloud Backup, to protect its mission-critical data across multiple sites. Fusion Housing provides a range of services to vulnerable individuals, including its financial Bond Bank, recycling, central services, learning, support and accommodation advice.

Due to the sensitivity of its data the non-profit organisation needed a secure solution that supports multiple backup sites as well as offering simple recovery procedures and strong compliance. These requirements could not be addressed by a standard off the shelf backup solution.

Lewis Barker, IT Manager at Fusion Housing said, “After extensive market research into Cloud Backup providers, we decided to move away from tape backups as it proved time consuming to manage and prone to regular unforeseen errors. Securstore was the best choice – its combination of a secure solution with excellent 24/7 technical support, as well as its independent recognition within the Cloud Backup marketplace, proves we have made the right choice.” 

Lewis Barker continued, “As a charity cost and budget is always a key factor in our decision to implement new services. With Securstore, its unique multi-tier storage solution means the cost of older data storage is cheaper compared to critical data. This makes sense for our organisational strategy. We would never compromise on value but we also want a long term cost-effective solution – Securstore gives us this flexibility which is particularly important for an organisation like ours.”

Securstore uses 256 Bit AES encryption so data is encrypted both before it leaves the firewall and while it is stored in the data centre. Using a provider with ISO 27001 certification which is subjected to regular independent audits provides Fusion Housing the confidence that processes and procedures are being followed for protecting sensitive information.

Saaher Muzafer, CSO of Securstore, said, “We are delighted to welcome Fusion Housing to our portfolio of clients. Its services cover all aspects of housing assistance; an extremely worthy cause. Our solution has been tailored to suit its technological and budgetary requirements – a key factor for a charitable organisation when choosing a long term backup provider.”

About Fusion Housing
Fusion Housing In 1991 SHAP was set up and managed by CHAS through a three-year Department of Health grant. At that time the project employed 6 members of staff and supported young people in thirty tenancies leased from the local authority. Throughout the years we’ve gone from strength to strength and at the point when we merged with CHAS we employed 46 members of staff, providing services to an average of 1,000 young people a year.
It’s not surprising that in the area of ethos and values, SHAP & CHAS came together with very little difficulty. As we’ve said SHAP grew out of CHAS and so we have a shared history and a shared commitment to provide quality services. There have been a number of ways in which we benefited from merging. First and foremost is the even better service we can provide to citizens of Kirklees. Whichever door someone comes through there are other doors that open up to our other services.
An important step on our journey to integrate our services in a meaningful way has been the development of a joint identity and to help this we’ve decided to change our name. This was Fusion Housing.