London, UK – Alan Steel Asset Management, an independent financial advisory (IFA), has chosen to protect its data with Securstore, a market leading Cloud Backup and Recovery provider. The award winning company, regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), advises clients on pensions, investments and tax matters. Known for its simplicity and streamlining of industry jargon, it gives clients a clear understanding of the right processes to follow for long-term financial security.

Alan Steel Asset Management is now protected by a provider that puts the security and longevity of data at the heart of everything it does. Securstore’s market leading encryption ensures data confidentiality is never compromised; a major benefit for an organisation like Alan Steel Asset Management which must prove its sensitive data is protected at all times.

Securstore’s Cloud Backup and Recovery also ensures, that if a disaster situation were to occur, Alan Steel Asset Management’s data could be recovered efficiently and without any surprise costs.

John Mckillop, Systems Administrator at Alan Steel Asset Management, said, “Our data is our business. If we were unable to recover any lost data, there would be severe repercussions for ourselves, as well as our clients. Being FSA regulated, we have to follow strict compliance laws, but simultaneously ensure our IT budgets are under control. Securstore met our requirements on every front. Its ISO 27001 certification by the BSI and accreditation by UKAS certainly helped the decision process.  We’re happy Securstore is protecting our data and would recommend the company to anyone.”

Securstore’s unique agentless technology allows Alan Steel Asset Management to backup multiple machines over the same LAN without the need to install agents on every workstation. This saves on resources, reduces support times and improves the company’s daily management of its multiple server environment.

The automated software runs in the background to a schedule determined by Alan Steel Asset Management. After the initial backup / seeding stage, only incremental changes are sent offsite, therefore minimising bandwidth usage and reducing any strain on the corporate network.

Saaher Muzafer, Chief Sales Officer at Securstore, said, “After much market analysis we’re pleased Alan Steel Asset Management chose us. It is understandable many companies get attracted to price first, but it shouldn’t be this way. It is important to look for a provider that values its clients’ data and one that focuses on providing an extremely secure solution. We look forward to supporting Alan Steel Asset Management over the years to come.”

About Alan Steel Asset Management

Independent financial advisers established for over 35 years, Alan Steel Asset Management provides clients with advice to create financial independence through consultations on pensions, investments and tax. This is done in a fresh, simple and all-embracing financial strategy with long term relationships in place with advisors who put their needs and requirements first to achieve their goals. Alan Steel Asset Management will make you understand where you are and before committing to any course of action will produce a detailed report to show what you need to do.

The company has won numerous awards, including the prestigious “UK Best Investment IFA” in 2012 which was the third time in its history.

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