London, UK – Securstore, a provider of award winning Cloud Backup and Recovery services, has today been chosen by the Fantasy League to protect its business data. Having been established for over 20 years and the true original innovator of the fantasy league format, the company wanted to align itself with a recognised and respected provider that shared the same ethos as its own.

With over 80 clients worldwide and responsible for the largest fantasy football game in the world for The Sun newspaper, which has well over a million subscribers, the Fantasy League needed a simple and streamlined approach for its data protection.

Securstore’s solution runs from a single piece of software installed on a server that controls the entire network’s backups. It can support the majority of operating systems and applications such as Windows, Mac, Linux, SQL, SharePoint and Exchange. Moving from physical to virtual environments is also seamless as Securstore can cater for environments including VMware and Hyper-V. Having this scalable yet flexible platform means the Fantasy League can consolidate all its backups into a single solution.

Kemal Sahin, Systems Administrator at Fantasy League, said, “When it comes to the cloud in general and especially with information stored offsite in a secure way, the market is in fact very limited. We wanted to follow data protection laws and make sure the provider met a certain criteria suited to our business needs, both commercially and technically. Securstore was the ideal choice and we are happy to have chosen them.”


Security is of paramount concern for the Fantasy League. Securstore addresses this by allowing data to be encrypted up to 256 AES with the encryption key being chosen by the customer. If the key is misplaced then Securstore or any other third party will not have access to the data making it obsolete. Data is encrypted before it leaves the firewall and is stored offsite in two locations; an excellent failsafe for the Fantasy League.

Saaher Muzafer, Chief Sales Officer at Securstore, said, “After much due-diligence we are happy to welcome on-board the Fantasy League to our customer base. As a well-known and popular organisation that delivers fun and interactive games across many platforms, it is good to see it values its business critical data and the desire to keep it securely offsite in case of any disaster. We look forward to working with the company.”


The Fantasy League games can be played online, web, via mobile and tablet devices, and has integrated betting, live scores, audience analytics and social media support.

About The Fantasy League Limited
For over 20 years Fantasy League have been at the forefront of innovations within the fantasy and prediction game markets. It produces interactive games which can be used to deliver fun, audience engagement, and as a key tool in strategic marketing campaigns.
As technology has developed, so have the games that Fantasy League deliver. The range of games are now available cross-platform, in multiple languages and fully integrated to maximise social media integration. On top of being passionate about fantasy games, it is also committed to delivering its services to the highest standards.

Fantasy League games are customised to help clients achieve their commercial goals and its experienced team of marketing and industry professionals provide a range of additional services to ensure that if you run a game with Fantasy League, the maximum potential for the game will be fulfilled.
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