London, UK & Boston, USA – Securstore is proud to announce that the Cave Hill Campus of University of West Indies (UWI) has agreed to backup and protect their data with Securstore’s multi-award winning Cloud Backup & Recovery Solution. Established in 1948, the UWI is the largest and longest standing higher education provider in the English-speaking Caribbean. It has evolved from a fledgling college in the Caribbean island of Jamaica with 33 students to a fully-fledged University with over 45,000 students, approximately 9,000 graduates annually and more than 120,000 alumni.

The University previously used tape backups, before it decided to streamline its processes for the Cave Hill campus in Barbados. The advantages of using Securstore’s service is they get a fully automated solution (therefore no risk of critical data not being backed up), the ability to recover files quickly, no more being prone to human error, no risk associated with faulty or corrupt tapes, and staff could use their time on other projects rather than managing the tape system, i.e. saving the University money by using resources better.

Securstore’s solution supports servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and virtual environments. For the University this represents a chance to scale or expand gradually as and when required, therefore giving full flexibility.

Keith Inniss, Manager of Enterprise Applications, said, “Data is core to any business, especially to ours due to the nature of what we do and the vast array of critical student data that we hold. There are many providers out there, but what makes Securstore the right choice for us is that they have the ability to focus on recovery, security and meeting compliance requirements. Our reputation is such that we couldn’t take any chances and Securstore ticked all the boxes, we are pleased to be associated with them for the foreseeable future”.


Having 24×7 technical support and assistance to Cloud Backup experts at any time was important for the University as an incident around the backup could occur at any time. The type of encryption used at flight and rest was determined by the University, i.e. up to 256 AES can be used and the key itself is safeguarded with no access granted to Securstore. This ensures that no third party can tamper with the data or the backup sets created, and full control is given to the University. If the key is lost for any reason then the data effectively becomes obsolete and cannot be recovered from Securstore’s data centres.

Saaher Muzafer, Chief Sales Officer at Securstore, said, “We are happy to be protecting the data from the University of West Indies, education is one of those sectors where once you look at the type of data that is being held, it becomes on the same level as, for example, financial or legal companies. With global data centres and 24/7 support, we can provide a round the clock service to many organisations. We look forward to working with the University in the coming years”.


About The University of West Indies
The four campuses of The UWI offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as certificates and diplomas in Engineering, Humanities & Education, Law, Medical Sciences, Pure & Applied Sciences, Science and Agriculture, and Social Sciences. As an icon of Caribbean integration and culture, The UWI remains committed to enhancing every aspect of Caribbean development and improving the well-being of the people of the Caribbean. The impressive network of UWI Alumni includes one Nobel Laureate, dozens of Rhodes Scholars and more than 18 current and former Caribbean Prime Ministers and Heads of State.

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